After scouring the world for the best possible natural fibers for controlling temperature and humidity You Are What You Sleep™ presents a superior range of bedding.

You Are What You Sleep™ products combine ThermaControl Wool™ with Tencel™ - the sustainable fiber that offers 50% better moisture management than cotton.

Three key products work holistically together as one SleepHealthy System™ to create the ultimate sleeping micro-climate. The SleepHealthy System™ has ThermaControl Wool™ at its core. Wool is without doubt, the world's most superior fiber for bedding. Scientists have been unable to duplicate its every strength. They have however, succeeded admirably in creating Tencel, the fiber that compliments wool perfectly. Made from the pulp of sustainably-grown eucalyptus trees, it's 5 times more sustainable than cotton and 50% more effective at moisture management. 

The best of everything, all year around. Warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool is naturally better at moderating temperature and humidity in all climats. It can absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture. So it will help your body maintain the right sleeping temperature. Always.