Melbourne Crumpled Map

Soft City Maps Melbourne Crumpled Map

Crumple it before use!

It just takes 2 seconds to open and close this innovative soft map.

The map includes all the most important information about the city as well as a list  “SoulSights”.

Weighing only 20 grams, it is super resistant and 100% waterproof.


How many times have you driven yourself mad trying to fold a map along the original creases?

How many times have you been tempted to screw it into a ball and stuff it in your pocket or bag?

Here is the map you've always wanted: it is soft, extra-light,
beautiful to look at and doesn't mind being ill-treated. It is truly

Thanks to the original graphics, each map makes it possible to easily find your way around the city you are visiting.

The map also has an index of all the Monuments, Museums, art
Galleries, Buildings, Historical Places and Parks that can be easily
found on the map. But there's more, an original list of the city's

Each map proposes 10 “SoulSights”, places that are chosen to excite
you. These are places filled with intense emotions that are brought to
life by the people passing through or stopping off in them.

Visit these places and you will feel like an artist, a poet, a photographer, a director, a lover and a dreamer.

 Design: Emanuele Pizzolorusso

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