Lyndey Milan Bake/Cook Sheet

Tinware - Lyndey Milan Bake/Cook Sheet

The tinware is durable with a dual layer of non-stick coating - 1st layer is a ceramic style paint that is sprayed on then left to dry and then 2nd layer of clear coating is applied and heat treated. This is both inside and out and increases the durability and scratch resistance. The products are oven safe to 270’ C and, best of all for busy bakers, dishwasher safe.

"I find this the perfect size of biscuits, cookies, brownies and some slices. It also fits easily in 600mm wide ovens and in storage drawers. It’s also great for roasting smaller vegetables and anything cooked in baking paper. For its special recipe, honey wafers, it is imperative that the sides are low so that the wafer mixture can be spread very thin." Lyndey Milan 

Dimensions: 43 x 29 x 1.85 cm
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