Trigg Small Wall Display Set of 2

Trigg Trigg Small Wall Display Set of 2

Use Trigg as a planter to add lush greenery to your space, in a stylish, unique fashion. Trigg creates an instant graphic impact, with its sharp, eye-catching diamond wire frame, and sleek finish. The product can safely nestle small succulents, air plants, mini cacti, faux succulents, and faux sedums, in addition to household items like stationary. These small vessels are sold in a set of two and are particularly compelling décor when installed in multiples. Trigg comes in a set of two each measuring 12 x 6.4 x 19 cm.


Attractive Modern Design: Designed by Moe Takemura for Umbra, Trigg is the original geometric vessel with a simple, elegant design that adds a modern decorative touch to any indoor space
Beautiful Wall Planter: Trigg is the perfect way to add small indoor plants, such as succulent plants, air plants, and other indoor plants to your home or office
Unique Decor That Fits Anywhere: Use it to enhance your home décor, office décor, bathroom décor, and more! for larger spaces, combine multiple Trigg vessels to create a truly unique display
High-Quality Materials: Trigg is made with high-quality ceramic and plated metal wire; Trigg small vessels each measure 12.07 x 6.35 x 19.05 cm

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