Pillow Standard 65x45cm Set of 2

YAWYS Pillow Standard 65x45cm Set of 2

The unique comfort - adjustable pillow. To guarantee 100% natural ThermaControl Wool ™ pillows are, as Goldilocks said, "Just right..." they are adjustable.

Wool can be added to create a firmer profile (100 g extra wool is included, free). Or, wool can be removed to lower the profile. Wrapped around this wonderful wool is a quilted Tencel cover. No synthetics or chemicals of any kind will ever touch your head.

Pillow fill: 100% Wool (800 g)

Shell: 100% Tencel

Detail is everything:

          Pre-shrunk thread. Even the thread is pre-shrunk - so the finish you buy, is the finish you get...after one dry clean, or dozens.

          Best wool choice. Only the back and sides... no cheaper off-cuts.

          Trace your wool to the source. You can find out the farm your product came from, with a tracking number on every product.

          Natural wool is gently washed and treated.

          100% Australian Made

          All wool comes from only non-mulsed sheep.

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